Online Marketing + Branding

Let’s take a look at the marketing and branding strategies found on Sephora’s website.

Their website layout is overall very sleek, but also feminine. Details such as the little butterflies that accent section titles and the splash of pink against the black and white color scheme are a nice touch.


They are also smart in capitalizing on Mother’s day by suggesting what gifts Moms would like and even listing dates to order by to ensure that your gift arrives on time. They advertise like this or other holidays as well including Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Also, there is always a section, regardless if it is near a holiday or not, to find suggested gifts with filters by age, price point, and gender. Basically, they are trying to make it as easy as possible for consumers to find presents for their loved ones.

With every order, they include 3 free samples which is a smart marketing move as samples can grab consumer’s attention of products they might have never looked twice at before they received a sample. Now there is a chance they will buy a full sized version of the product resulting in more sales. Samples are also cost efficient since companies are usually willing to supply samples for free as the makeup companies’ own marketing teams are trying to sell more of their product.

Sephora’s website is linked to every other website they have an account with including Pintrest, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Facebook, and Google+. Being on multiple popular websites gives Sephora a much wider audience. While customer’s might not be checking in on their official website everyday, they are present on other websites like Facebook or Twitter. All these other websites are utilized as another platform for advertising products and special deals.

Lastly, there is an ‘Inspire Me’ section which provides How-To tutorials on how to achieve certain makeup looks as well as “The Beauty Board” which is where customers with a Sephora account can upload pictures of their makeup and hair looks and can also list what products they used. Others who are viewing the photo can easily click on a product’s picture and get directly linked to the product’s page where they can see reviews on the product and also purchase it. Sephora is actually using their own customers as advertisement of their products. It is cost efficient because they are not models and do not have to be paid to show off makeup or hair. On top of that, it is also a very interactive way to get people interested in Sephora products and so might grab customer’s attention more. If they see everyday  men and women similar to them posing in Sephora’s makeup, they are more likely to also think they would look good in those particular items and buy them.

Sephora’s main audience is women who enjoy makeup/skincare/haircare products of a better quality than what is found at the drugstore as well those  people who like buying gifts for those women.I believe Sephora does a fabulous job  at marketing to both “stylish women” and the “average joe” who just wants to get a really nice gift for someone.The only improvement I could suggest is to make it so that when you hover over products on the front page, a mini- description of the product pops up so that you don’t always have to go directly to the product’s page when you’re just browsing and want to go through many, if not all the products on the front page.


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