This video was made by the help of my lovely classmates, Thunder, Victoria, and Audrey. Please watch before you finish reading the rest of this post, so you don’t ruin the little twist at the end. Thanks!

I was the writer, so I wrote the script after we brainstormed story ideas together and then I edited it about three times after that. We went with Victoria’s idea and I just expanded on it. As we filmed we found parts of the script we wanted to change and take out, but the basic plot stayed the same throughout the edits. During video editing, I made more changes to the script to match closer to the video as during filming sometimes the actress paraphrased and also a couple minor scenes were taken out as we were running past the 5 minute mark. I was there for the first day of shooting and assisted our videographer (Victoria) and lent her my camera. Our director, Thunder, helped her out on another shoot. I also sat in the video room with Audrey our producer to help Victoria edit, like finding background music and shooting ideas back and forth on clip arrangement and sound. The hardest part of the process was actually the later parts of the editing. We couldn’t save the project on an SD card or flashdrive because it wouldn’t open again on Final Cut Pro X and then we couldn’t hook up an external drive as it wouldn’t work on the school computer, so we wound up saving it on the school’s hard drive which actually didn’t save all of our work and we had to backtrack a little bit the next day we edited. Furthermore, the program wouldn’t tell us it was exporting and we had to click through three different things just to figure out the export was working and we could stop Googling how to export. On the bright side, Final Cut Pro X is similar to Windows Movie Maker and iMovie so it is pretty user friendly minus the exporting options (although I understand different Final Cut Pro editions are more complex). With filming, I discovered that it’s important to have several different angles when shooting so it looks more interesting versus just filming the actress from right in front of her. Victoria did a really good job with that and even did some first person POV shots. Overall, I’m really proud of my groupmates, the lovely actors (human and animal) that helped us out, and our finished product. It was definitely worth all the hard work trying to figure out our scheduling conflicts and fixing technical issues and just trying to create a story. Plus, I got to learn not only about screenwriting, but also about the Final Cut Pro program and general shooting techniques. Please scroll down to see our final script, production schedule, and other information like specific equipment and shooting locations. Hope you enjoyed our video!

Group: Victoria (film/editor), Frances (writer), Audrey (producer), Thunder (director) Actress: Xochitl , Jogger: Victoria, Guy: Daniel, Dog: Winnie


  1. stores by West Portal Location
  2. West Portal station Location
  3. MUNI bus Location
  4. Grand View Park stairs Location
  5. Chapeaux park Intro shots (close ups for flowers, sidewalk, etc)

Shot List

  1. Shot #1: Girl exits store
  2. Shot #2: Girl walks down street
  3. Shot #3: Girl waits for bus and checks map
  4. Shot #4: Transition shot onto bus
  5. Shot #5: Girl sitting on bus, fixing clothes
  6. Shot #6: Girl sitting on bus, fumbling with gift bag
  7. Shot #7: Girl exits bus
  8. Shot #8: Girl walks up hill
  9. Shot #9: Girl at the park
  10. Shot #10: Girl and boy talking
  11. Shot #11: Girl with do

Equipment: Canon Rebel T5i with Macro 1.3 ft. lens, iPhone 5s voice memo, Dell laptop, Mac library desktop, Final Cut Pro X, 16 GB SD card

Props: gift bag

Production Schedule

  1. 3/18/14: West Portal station and shops, Grand View Park Hill
  2. 3/20/14: editing
  3. 3/22/14: editing, voice layover recording
  4. 3/23/14: Mosaic steps
  5. 3/30/14: meets the dog scene
  6.  4/1/14: editing
  7. 4/2/14: final editing

The Date Script

(Girl is by walking by a store holding a bag)

(Girl stops to look at a phone and sees text “On my way.” She freaks out)

Girl: (in her head) Fuck.

(She continues walking down the street)

Girl (in her head): Oh god, I’m not ready. This is probably going to be a disaster.

(Girl looks at MUNI map trying to find stop) Girl: (in her head) I don’t know about this line. I hope I don’t get lost…

(Girl waits for bus at bus stop) Girl (in her head): Why did I wear this? Is it too much? Maybe I should have worn that one pair of jeans I have…Or those shorts. (attempts to smooth down fabric) Ugh, well it’s too late to change now.

(Bus goes by)

(Girl finds seat on bus, still smoothing down her clothes)

Girl: (ruffles bag) Is it stupid that I got a gift? That’s weird, huh? I haven’t even met him yet. I’m coming on too strong. He might not even like this. This was final sale too, shoot. Well…it’s too late to go back to the store. I should of just gotten food. They all like food! I mean everyone likes food. I like food. (clutches bag)

(Girl spots jogger on bus)

Girl: (in her head) I hope he doesn’t run a lot. I haven’t exercised in like 3 years. I wouldn’t be able to keep up. (makes a worried face) This is something I should have thought of beforehand.

Girl: (looks down at shoes) I just realized, maybe I should have worn different shoes. What if these get dirty? I mean they likely will. Again, another thing I should have thought about before leaving the house. (sighs) Maybe I bit off more than I could chew…Chew! Ha! There’s going to be a lot of that going on. …Oh, I need to get off soon. Hopefully, this isn’t a disaster.

(Girls get off bus)

(Girl walking down a street) Girl: (in her head) I hope I can do this. I’ve never done this before. I never had such a large commitment before, but this will be different. It’ll be good for me.

(Pan view of the stairs)

Girl: This is beautiful. It will definitely be worth it. (breathing heavily) Oh my God. Why did we pick this park? He couldn’t pick any other place? Clearly not. How long does this hill go on? Is it even worth it? Yes. Yes it is. I can do this. I want his.

(Girl makes it up the hill)

(Guy comes up)

(They greet each other) Guy: You might need these (hands girl dog treats and girl takes them)

Guy: Are you ready for this?

Girl: …(takes a breathe) Yes I am.

(Dog comes into view)

Girl: (excitedly pets dog) It’s so good to finally meet you! I even brought you a gift, little fella’. (holds up bag) I hope you like it! (pats dog) I’m so glad you got me a new dog. I love him! Thank you.

(end screen)

It’s a doggie date!


The Date

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