Book Talk

I’d like to share a short interview I did with my friend Judy. We discuss her favorite genres and reading spots all in under a minute. This  was my first time working with sound and it was challenging, but fun. I used the Voice Memo on my Iphone 5s to record all sound and Audacity to edit. It was actually quite difficult to even open my soundbites on Audacity as I first had to convert them into mp3s on Itunes. Looking up “How-To” articles helped me out a lot as I’d often get stuck. Figuring out how loud each soundbite should be when I layered them over each other wasn’t too hard as all I had to do was mess with the volume with each one until I was satisfied that nothing was overpowering the interview yet still allow the sound effects to be heard. I recorded the rain to highlight how Judy likes to read indoors while it’s raining outside and I also recorded myself ruffling pages to introduce my book talk. For intro music, I used “88” by Inspectr and for background music I used “pino” by Phundamental which I both found on Free Music Archive, a website that provides copyright free music and music under the Creative Commons. To end the interview, I used my own soundbite of me playing guitar. Overall, I think I did a pretty good job for my first ever audio project, but there definitely could be improvement on my sound effects. ‘Book Talks’ sounds like a fun idea, so this may be continued. Stay tuned!


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