Hi! My name is Frances. I’m a 2nd year Communications major hoping to maybe go into PR or perhaps law school; obviously I’m still figuring things out. I have a little bit of experience with digital media. I’m an ex-Twitter user, current Instagrammer, Tumblr-er and an avid Facebook user. I also do PR for an organization I’m a part of (Circle K International) which involves me creating online flyers and making Facebook posts. When I was younger, I would mess around with Windows Movie Maker to make simple animated music videos with borrowed clips and ran a DeviantArt site. I’m excited to learn a lot in my digital media class this semester and to build upon the basic digital media skills I already have.

I’m also a book lover and my blog will feature plenty of novel reviews and book talks, so I implore all my fellow book lovers to check those out and of course, would also love to hear other opinions on the books I bring up!


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